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The RMHL is a no-check, adult (18 years+) recreational ice hockey league for players of all abilities. The RMHL is divided into divisions according to ability of players/teams. The winter season runs from late September through mid March, and is a 20 game season, followed by a double-elimination tournament. The summer season runs from early May through mid August, and is a 11 game season, followed by a single-elimination tournament.

The Rocky Mountain Hockey Leauge offers two separate adult hockey leagues. The RMHL located in Littleton plays at The Ice Ranch and South Suburban Ice Arena. RMHL Boulder located in Superior plays at Boulder Valley Ice Arena.

2015 Summer Season Registration

Winter season is wrapping up and now it is time to register for the summer season. From beginner to advanced, we have a division that fits your skill level.

RMHL - Click here to register.

RMHL Boulder - Click here to register.

40 And Over Division

Friday Nights At The Ice Ranch

The RMHL is currently accepting both team and individual registrations for its over 40 division.  This division will play Friday nights at The Ice Ranch.  This division will be designed to allow players the opportunity to play with family and friends but will also maintain equal playing ability among all teams.  This division is intended to be a recreational division.

Upcoming Games

Thu 3/5 Fri 3/6 Sat 3/7 Sun 3/8 Mon 3/9

Otters at Tacos
7:10pm MST Ical_event_icon

Beercules at Yodeling Pickles
7:20pm MST Ical_event_icon

Fish Heads at Turkey Town Trotters
8:50pm MST Ical_event_icon

Real Trends at Dangleberries
9:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

Bushpigs at Beer-n-Hockey
9:10pm MST Ical_event_icon

Hell Fish North at Wolverines
10:30pm MST Ical_event_icon

Callahan BPD at Storm
10:35pm MST Ical_event_icon

Twisted Pine at Dore
10:40pm MST Ical_event_icon

Fireballs at Off in the Woods
7:10pm MST Ical_event_icon

Mystery Machine at The Rage
7:20pm MST Ical_event_icon

40 Something at Hell Fish 40
8:50pm MST Ical_event_icon

Highwood Autobody Bulls at Short Bus
9:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

no events

WTP at Mighty Wing Dogs
12:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

TBD at Short Bus
12:40pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Stallions at Tough Puckers
2:10pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Buzzards at Serengeti Firefighters
2:20pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Fury at Puck Dynasty - Turch
3:50pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Snipers at Catfish
4:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Wolf Pack at Sweathogs
5:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Pylons at Puck Dynasty - Strosahl
5:40pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Frost Bite at Carbon Neutral
7:10pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Hatrick Swayzes at Master Bladers
7:20pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Code 3 at Bio Hazard
8:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Your Mom at Puck Hogs
8:50pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Legion at Jeppesen Wings
9:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Jr. Varsity at New Team
9:25pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Freaky Dekes at Lucky Puckers
9:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Army of Darkness at Fighting Kidneys
10:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Flight of the Concords at Irish Temper
10:35pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Vandelay at Oskar Blues
10:55pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Ice Ranch C at Bison
7:10pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Sharks at Northwestern Mutual Columns
7:20pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Black Ice at Hell Fish North
8:10pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Narwhals at Das Boot
8:50pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Floyd's at Nooks
9:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Jr. Varsity at Boomslang
9:10pm MDT Ical_event_icon

American Flyers at Maple Leaf Landscaping
9:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Dore at Bushpigs
10:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Flakes at Play it Again Sports
10:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

RMHL Boulder is excited to be involved with The Ice Ranch at Boulder Valley project. When completed it will be the new home for the RMHL Boulder Adult Hockey League.

PO Box 622005
Littleton, CO 80162
email:  rmhl2@rmhl.com
phone:  303-933-6445
fax:  303-933-0058